Runner Info



The event will start in waves and you will be allocated a starting wave, which you choose when you enter the event on the online entry system. You can choose whichever wave you wish to take part in and there is no ranking or seeding within these waves.

Once a wave is full, it is removed from the entry system. Once you have selected your start wave time, you cannot change it. You will start with approximately 300 – 400 others in this wave and together you will all burst out of the starting line and into Survival mode.


Please read this information carefully. It is your responsibility to be prepared and know the procedure on the day so there are no delays to the running of the starting waves.

You have up until 14 days prior to the event to transfer your entry or to fill in team members’ details – if entered as a team of 10 or team of 5. No entries will be added or changed any later than 14 days prior to the event.

Please arrive at least 1.5 hours before your start time to allow enough time to register and to get ready to race.

At Registration you will receive your Race Pack which will contain:

  • • Race number
  • • 4 safety pins
  • • Colour-coded Wristband indicating your wave & Race Number
  • • Timing chip (Timing Chip MUST be attached to your shoelaces. If you place it anywhere else it will not record your time)

IMPORTANT! On the back of your Race Number you will find a medical info form printed. We strongly advise that you fill it out on the day in case we need to help you in an Emergency.

You will also receive our special edition Survival technical t-shirt. Please know your size before registering. There will be NO FITTING or EXCHANGE at registration – It significantly slows down the registration process. The t-shirt sizes are given out on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please bear in mind that there will be a large number of competitors registering on the day and we want to ensure the fastest and smoothest registration possible for all of you.


Remember, this is not your regular 10K. The MH Survival of the Fittest involves a lot of water, mud, and ruff ‘n tumble. We advise that you do not carry delicate possessions with you as it may get damaged or lost. Please think carefully as to the security of your items and we recommend you bring as little as possible or leave your belongings with your friends/family.


We will provide a manned facility for you to leave a bag & your valuables.

Bags – 1 small bag per person will be accepted, you will be provided with a bag tag in your registration pack which will have your race number on it. Simply attach it to your bag when you hand it in and show your race number wristband when you finish.

Valuables – this is to allow you to securely store things like mobile phones, keys and wallets. All valuables need to fit in an A3 envelope which will be provided. We advise that mobile phones are switched off with PIN enabled and any keys do not have address tags or vehicle I.D. evident. We will not be able to store anything here that does not fit into the envelope.

No loose items will be accepted.


Consider the kit you bring & wear – Bring full body cover options with you, should the weather deteriorate in the final hours before your run, and seriously consider the other recommended items mentioned in the website, such as energy snack, drink, first aid kit and whistle – all contained in a small pack or pockets. There is a water stop on the course, but please do not solely rely on this if you think you will take a while to complete the course.

Be a good samaritian – During your run look out for the signs of others on the course seriously struggling or injured and report this to the next course marshal, event first aider, or bail-out with them, to a point of help. If you see someone in trouble: HELP, you are the nearest person to be able to assist. In reality, incidents like this are extremely rare, and you will be amongst hundreds of people having a jolly (if not strenuous) time. Any participant who gives up their race to aid a fellow participant will receive a free event entry next year.

Participants must always remain on footways (pavements) unless otherwise directed at a road crossing point. I.e. to NEVER run IN the road. Course design and waymarking always intends for runners to stay on footways unless directed otherwise at a road crossing point.

Live Roads & Walk Zones

The London route accesses roads that are live with traffic. We manage these points very carefully using Orange Target Signs & Walk Zones.

Orange Target Signs – These are used when you must go to a specific point on the course. Large Orange signs with a target cross on them will illustrate this, you must get close enough to touch this sign before carrying on the route.

Walk Zones – There are a few points where we require you to WALK. These are called Walk Zones and will be highlighted with signs and marshals instructing you when to walk and when you can start running again. Please follow the instructions.

Stairs – We know you like climbing up and down them so this route has plenty for your enjoyment. Please take care when accessing stairs, hold on to the handrails where convenient, spot your footing and be courteous to other users.

These are important features which allow us to use the route, your cooperation here is expected.


We’ve tested and practiced all the obstacles in this event ourselves, and now we require that you tackle them sensibly, and with the knowledge that you can make decisions independent from any verbal instruction from marshals that may be present. Here are some guidelines for safe practice that you must note;

• Consider bypassing an obstacle if you lack confidence, have appreciable fear or are – carrying an injury
• Ensure that the approach, and the obstacle itself are clear from obstruction
• If there is a marshal giving instructions, pay close attention
• If choosing to help participants, do so carefully, with their consent and without ‘launching’ them
• No stunts or ‘showboating’ should be attempted
• Pay attention to your surroundings, keeping head, arms and hands clear of any protrusions
• Spot your landing before jumping or lowering yourself from any obstacle
• Land with both feet. Bend your knees to absorb any shock
• Move away from the obstacle promptly
• Complete the obstacle ONCE only
• Do not rush. Do not barge or jostle with other participants.
• Do not drink the water
• Remember to smile!


There will be a drinks station halfway round the course and at the finish.


After you cross the finish you will need to return the timing chip immediately and then you will receive the MH Survival of the Fittest Medal and the goodie bag. (Please note that there is a charge of £10 for any timing chips not returned).