Our Manchester event has pegged itself as a firm favourite, packing our muddiest and arguably our wettest course. (Hint: Manchester is a city of canals!) Packing a punishing 10k route woven through Etihad Campus, the Etihad Stadium itself and into Phillips Park, our Manchester course features loads of mud, full-body dunkings and immersion in water, canal crossings and a whopping great Stadium Climb. And that’s not to mention the beer tent, which is an Event in itself! Our Manchester Event is also an opportunity for Northerners everywhere to gang up on their Southern counterparts as Manchester will again be pitched as 1 of our 2 finale events alongside London, packing extra obstacles, a superlatively action-packed course and bragging rights for the whole field if you beat London! You whipped them in 2013 and 2014, so it’s time to retain the silverware for The North. More on this below.

Please note that the Manchester 2015 date is provisional and will remain so until football fixtures are announced for Manchester City, as the event utilises the Stadium itself. If you enter this event you are bound by the terms and conditions of entry, which expressly state that if we do change the date, you will be able to transfer your entry to a mate, or transfer your entry to another Rat Race event or defer to a future year, but you will not be eligible for a refund.



2014 Route Map



Farmer Giles


Stadium Climb


Stadium Climb


Wall of Fame


Chariots of Fire






Mud Crawl


Water Slide


Spider Web


Army Assault Course


Pool Party


The Growler


Faith Hope & Charity


Slippery Customer


Traffic Jam






Our adventure unfolds from the smoking gun at the centre of all the sporting action: Etihad Campus. Built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and packing more Sporting pedigree than a sweatband on a poodle, this is a stunning place from which we have built another Survival classic. With an event base in the shadow of Manchester City’s mighty Etihad Stadium, we’ll be dashing in and out of the Stadium Survival-style as well as taking in some forays into the rest of the Etihad Campus Estate. We’ll then disappear over and under the canal and into Phillips Park. Bring your spectators too, as the Manchester course is designed with them in mind as well as you – there will be loads of obstacles around the event village from where they can watch you tough it out with the Survival hoards.


The 2015 Manchester 10k event will again link 2 dramatically different venues on a traffic-free running route: The urban spaces and stadia of Etihad Campus and the urban-oasis of Phillips Park. It’s a race of 2 halves, with Sport City offering up monster obstacle rigs from the Survival engineers amongst an uber-urban backdrop; and the Park featuring a fair chunk of mud, sweat and tears. Plus the odd soaking.

There’s 15 zones in total – each packing multiple obstacles and some harbouring as many as 10 different pieces of equipment for you to tackle. In total, expect to grip to grips with around 70 bits of kit around the course. That’s a lorra-lorra obstacles.

So what’s to discuss? Sign up HERE to tackle Manchester 2015. Do it for England! Do it for The North. Manchester is 1 of 2 finale events we are operating, with London taking place some 3 weeks later at Wembley. We will add all the times together from London and from Manchester and use our special algorithmic-calculator-wizard to deduce who is faster: North or South. North won in 2014 so there is serious pride at stake here.


2015 will see our brand new Half-Marathon distance Survival Elite added to Manchester. Our first Elite took place to great acclaim in Nottingham 2014 and now it’s Manchester’s turn to step up and go the full 13.1. This is not a lapped course – it’s a full 21km (13.1 miles) of action which stitches a brand new loop onto the already formidable 10k offering. That’s one big serving of Survival. Click HERE  to find out more about Elite and the special swag that’s on offer for taking part. More info on the Manchester Elite course will follow in the New Year.



All this Survivin’ is thirsty work. We will be building a brilliant beer tent at the event site once more. As well as having the course actually running through it (for bar-side entertainment on a par with darts and skittles), we will be serving up ice-cold draught lager and lashings of our Rat Race real ale too. The beer tent will be open until you are all safely home. If 2014’s innings is anything to go by, we’ll be needing to talk to the nice man at the Brewery to set aside a good few barrels, as you decimated the beer at this year’s event!


There is a stop at Sort City. It’s very close to the event village and is your best bet to get in and out quick-smart.


Manchester is served by road from every which way. M6, M56, M62 – you name it. it’s 1.5 hours from Brum, an hour tops from Liverpool and 3.5 hours from Old Smoke. Not a bad hour’s drive across the M62 from Leeds either if you can handle the 50 zone across the moors.

Our events take place in some great locations but the standard of parking facilities is variable in standard and capacity. Due to the popularity of the events we want more of you to have the chance to come along and this means professionally managing the car traffic. Therefore, Rat Race will enforce parking fees of £5 per car for parking within the designated event parking area at Sport CIty.

This is payable only by cash on the day. These measures will be used to achieve the following benefits to your event experience:

-Encourage car sharing hence increasing parking capacity in the best spots and reducing pollution
-Use professional traffic management measures so less queuing in your car
-Allow parking close to the venue

Be prepared and help us help you: Come with cash, car share, come early.

Please be considerate: Cars that park in restricted zones and cause barriers to traffic flow and safety vehicles, such as surrounding roads, will be ticketed and/or removed at owners’ expense

Direct connections from London Euston will have you to Manchester Piccadilly in just over 2 hours and there are bus connections (and hopefully tram if it’s finished in time) to Sport City. Trans Pennine services run from Leeds and York and take around 1.5 hrs from Leeds and 1.45 from York. Trains from Scotland serve Manchester from Glasgow and Edinburgh and journey time is around 3.5 hours from either.

Manchester airport is a safe bet for domestic and international flights. It’s 45 mins flying time from London airports and there is a train right from the airport into town.