London Day & Night


LONDON 21st NOV 2015

Survival is back in Wembley for 2015! After a rip-roaring inaugural event this year, we’re coming back to this iconic venue with more of our trademark monster builds plus a beer tent the size of a football field. Saddle up to take it on with 10 000 screaming Survivors lining up shoulder to shoulder with you.

Please note that the London 2015 date is provisional and will remain so until confirmed with all venue partners. If you enter this event you are bound by the terms and conditions of entry, which expressly state that if we change the date, you will be eligible to transfer to another Rat Race event or defer to a future year, but will not be eligible for a refund.

2014 Route Map

Water Slide


Farmer Giles


MH at work


Beer Barrel Carry




Wall of Fame


Army Assault Course


All Tyre'd Out


Parkour Zone


net gain




Ramp it Up


River Wild


River Crossing


Bad Zombie Film Set


Supermarket Sweep


Storm Drain


Thousand Yard Stair


Full Metal Jacket



In true Survival Spirit we’ve gone uber-urban with our  location at Wembley Park. The course will again loop around Wembley Stadium before taking you through a gauntlet of obstacles packed in on top of one another. This is our “3D” course – and you will find the route weaving over and under itself multiple times in our arena-style central area. Prepare for dunkings, dirt and the odd diversion through a river…


From 9am until late afternoon, Start waves of up to 400 people will depart every 15 minutes to tackle the Survival course. The entry numbers will again be capped at 10,000, so make sure you get that entry in fast – November 2015 may still seem like a long way away, but this is our most popular event and is a sell-out. The route will again feature around 10k of running with over 20 obstacle zones en route, packing nearly 100 pieces of equipment in throughout.

As darkness descends, we’ll to be switching on the floodlights once more and staging our Survival by Night 5k. This will be an action-packed 5k and will feature 90% of the obstacle content of the 10km.



Get ready to do it in the dark! Once again we’ll be lighting up your lives at our Wembley Night-time 5k; as we pack most of the obstacles from the 10k course into half the distance. Put yourself through the test and pit yourself against the physical attrition of double the punishment in half the distance.


Enter London Day & Night together and you’ll save cash on entry!


All this Survivin’ is thirsty work. We’ll be building a colossal beer tent at the event site once again to ensure you stay properly hydrated after hurling yourself around the course. As you sup on a pint in our monster tent, you can also cheer on your fellow survivors as they come through on the keg carry and back out onto the course. The bar tent in London is our biggest of the lot and has an amazing atmosphere inside. This year you helped us smash through 100 kegs of ice cold Frontier lager and 50 casks of Rat Race Blonde ale – keep on supping!

Public transport is by far the best way to get to Wembley. Please do not drive.

By Tube: Metropolitan and Jubilee lines take you straight from central London to Wembley Park station. Alternatively use the Bakerloo line and get off at Wembley Central then follow the signs to Wembley Stadium, no more than a 10 minute walk.

By Train: Use the Chiltern Railways over ground service and alight at Wembley Stadium. This is a good option from Central London as you can get on at Marylebone.

By Bus: There are loads of bus options to get to Wembley, way too many to list here so head to for timetables and route maps from your destination

By Bicycle: We’ll have a large bike park at the venue for the day where you’re welcome to leave your bike. Please bring your own LOCK however as this is an unsupervised facility. Boris bikes can be hired from docking stations all over town, but please ensure that if you bring a Boris bike on site, you have a way to lock it up whilst in your care.

By Car: We do NOT recommend travelling by car to this event. However, if it is your choice to drive, parking is available near to the event site in the Wembley Red Car Park. (


There is plenty to choose from in London and lots on offer at Wembley specifically. From super stylish options in the thick of the action, to belt n’ braces Travelodges and tourist-focussed 2 and 3 star hotels – there’s a good raft of options circling the venue. Try Visit London for a full run-down of digs, plus superb info on what’s on around town.