Event Format



MH Survival is a high-octane urban-based running event with obstacles designed to keep you on your toes. The Survival of the Fittest course will take you from the Start Line in the hustle and bustle of the event village onto an unforgiving course interspersed with obstacle zones.

Each zone may have single or multiple obstacles within it. You may find yourself negotiating both urban and rural landscapes throughout your travels on the course, armed for unexpected twists and turns at every corner. Train hard, front up and come and tackle the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest. Race solo and enjoy the camaraderie of the route, the pain of the burn and the challenge of our gruelling and engaging obstacles, choose to race as a team of 5 or 10 in any of our events. Survival is a unique format which will challenge both seasoned athletes and rookie runners alike. Open to male and female competitors, we offer solo entry for men and women. We also offer Teams of 5 and 10 which can be single sex or mixed sex teams.


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Survival takes place in 5 UK cities in September, October and November 2014.

We’re returning to CardiffNottingham and Edinburgh, which comprises our “Tri Nations Series” and features 3 very different locations. Cardiff features the fresh scent of the sea air as we descend again on Cardiff Bay; Notts is the wet one and was our original venue, making it a firm Survival favourite for 1000s of Survivors. Edinburgh is the unashamedly hilly one and packs quite possibly the very best starting sequence of any run in the UK, bursting out of the Start line into a full Braveheart charge down the Royal Mile.

Then of course, we’re bringing back our classic London 10k course but 2014 will see a totally new venue – we’re all going to Wembley! Expect a killer course and some classic Survival surprises. We’re also hauling our gear back to Manchester and setting up camp in the shadow of the Etihad Stadium after the phenomenal success of outings in 2012 and 2013..

Check out the individual LOCATION pages for a peek at what is in store for you on each course, with maps, vids and travel info. Although all 5 events share certain similarities, each venue has its own distinct flavour, taking its inspiration from the host city itself and featuring some obstacles that are specific to that venue.


Obstacle Zones punctuate your route on each course and each zone contains between 1 and 10 different obstacles to tackle – meaning the average number of pieces of obstacle “equipment” on the course is around 40 – 50 in the Tri-Nations; 70 in Manchester and close to 100 pieces of hardware in London. There are also some “stocking fillers” to keep you on your toes in between these zones (these are smaller obstacles). Some obstacles remain the same throughout the Series, including the mighty Men’s Health Wall of Fame, which is the last thing you will see obliterating the skyline before you drag yourself over the finish line.



Course distances are approximately 10k in each location and as each city differs, so does the course. The Notts and Cardiff courses are actually nearer 11 than 10km; Edinburgh is pretty much dead-on 10km. Manchester and London are slightly shorter, but contain more obstacle zones.


The Survival course is part urban and part “rural” depending on the venue. You will encounter different terrains, some gradient (and some SERIOUS gradient in at least one of the cities; we will leave it to you to guess which one!) and you will almost certainly get wet in each one. You do not need any specialist “skills” as such, but running over various types of ground will help and cross-training throughout different muscle groups will almost certainly help you to tackle the full array of the obstacles that Survival will throw at you.