Welcome to Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest 2015

Survival of the Fittest is back for 2015. You’ll run at least 10k (and often more!) as we build an urban assault course in each host city. Survival is Britain’s longest-established adventure running series with tens of thousands taking on these totally unique challenges each year. Want to join them? This is for all comers: Men, women, teams and solo contenders. It’s as much fun as you can have in a run and the camaraderie is served up with lashings of Survival Spirit.

Expect loads of obstacles, iconic urban venues, totally engaging courses and that “big event feel” for which operators Rat Race are renowned. You will tackle gritty and engaging obstacle zones throughout the course, pitting your wits against 1000s of fellow competitors in a test of stamina, grit, speed and guts. And then you’ll hit our massive beer tent, another one of our signature elements: Mud, sweat and beers. Sounds like a good day out to us.


New for 2015: Want to go longer? Check out our Half Marathon 21k routes in Nottingham and Manchester too.


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introGlutes like Superman’s; agility of Spider-Man: just two of the criteria you’ll need to take on The Towers in MH Survival of the Fittest. To perform at your best you’ll also need to prime your body with the right fuel at the right time. “A race like SOTF requires a good level of endurance,” says Optimum Nutrition athlete Bryn Ray. “You’re going to need energy to power you through the race, then something to help you recover fast. “I take Essential Amino Energy half an hour before training to give me an energy boost. After training I take Gold Standard 100% Whey for recovery.intro It rebuilds muscle tissue and allows it to repair and grow.” SOTF 2014 starts here: check out the moves below to kick-start your training.
intro2Think you can blitz The Box? Power and strength in the legs and upper body are what’s called for – and the right fuel can help. “I use Gold Standard 100% Whey protein within the golden hour after training to help recovery,” says Optimum Nutrition Athlete Simon de Gruchy. “It helps to repair and rebuild muscle and it’s really easily digested. I add a couple of teaspoons of creatine powder into my postworkout shake too as it works hand in hand with the Whey, helping to boost muscle strength, power and size at the same time.” What about before the race? “Essential Amino Energy is great before cardio work. It gives me the energy to keep going.” With SOTF nutrition nailed, it’s time for the workout – check out the essential moves to battle The Box.
introThink dirty gymnastics when it comes to the fiendishly tough Parkour zone in SOTF, a series of walls and barriers to bounce and swing over in the mindset of a true Parkour ‘traceur’. Maximise your PB with the right fuel at the right time. “Creatine increases your muscles’ explosive energy reserve – perfect for Parkour. Start taking creatine 3-4 weeks before you want to reap the benefits of improved strength and power,” says Optimum Nutrition athlete Bryn Ray. “Take Amino Energy just before or during training. It contains caffeine to give you energy and help mental focus. Add in a whey shake after workouts to aid muscle reconstruction.” Train hard with Bryn’s five essential full-body moves opposite and you’ll power through the Parkour zone.
intro2Monkeys have a lot to answer for making this obstacle sound easy. But don’t be deceived: like everything SOTF, the monkey bars will test your body in ways you didn’t think possible. Making it across the bars takes true upper body strength. Loading up on the right fuel helps too, as Optimum Nutrition athlete Simon de Gruchy can vouch for. What’s his advice? “Amino Energy will give you energy during the race. Take it just before for a sugar-free caffeine boost. During the race you’ll be putting your muscles through a lot of stress and strain, so a whey protein shake will be good to take 30 minutes before or after the race to help muscles recover. Gold Standard 100% Casein is a slowly digesting protein, so will also help with the repair process, and is ideal to take at night time.”


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